Wednesday, January 4, 2017


My bud Rudy Mage always comes through, and provided a blank canvas for me to make a statement.....I wanted to do something from my personal archives.  I am truly a very sarcastic and extremely real person, and this is my Rage Against the Scene....that's Miami's Art Scene to be precise.  Over the past few years, it's been just plain f*%@ing annoying how unprofessional, dishonest and amateur the majority of these (Curators) have conducted themselves and their constant attempt to exploit the Artists, or shall I say "Visual Imaginists" and "Cultural Pioneers".  Sure, you can try that shit on a 15 year old idiot, but not someone who has dedicated 30+ years and counting, to hone their craft, perfect their vision and their add'l voice!!  Sure, there are the wanna-be's and the plaigerizers and then there's the ones that sweat, bleed and live for their craft.  It's what they marinade  on from the time they wake up till the time the go to sleep....then the unconscious endeavors begin.  All REAL Artists want is to make enough to sustain a basic quality of life, so they can keep creating and growing....while investing in the Dreams for their children and family.  This will be completed soon, but the struggle will last a bit longer until Miami wakes the hell up!

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