Wednesday, January 4, 2017

This dead tree was very close to being cut down and discarded, due to insects killing this tree ages ago.  Because wood is my favorite medium to paint on, I asked Mana Contemporary if they would delay discarding the dead tree. They obliged and allowed me to enhance it's beauty by giving it one last voice, before it eventually crumbled and withered away.  I began by removing all the old bark, as high as I could get.  Then I carefully sanded all the paintable surface for a smooth texture.  I then began airbrushing green product primer and paint throughout the tree.  Once I had my background the way I wanted, I began hand-painting a new life of abstract vegetation throughout.  This is titled "Breathe" for the gift each tree on this planet provides "US" a chance to do.  This monument is dedicated to the Sioux Tribe fighting for their land against the Dakota Pipelines, because all they've ever wanted to do was allow their land to naturally "Breathe" without the Bullies of Gov't and the Ideologies of Man.

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