Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Many may not know, but I've created a few custom apparel designs for UFC & Bellator Veteran Ben "Killa B" Saunders.  These apparel designs have been seen major networks such as Spike TV, MTV 2, Pay-Per-View and numerous Live Events, Press Conferences and all over social media.  Ben always  receives a similar response, "Hey bud, that design is so unique and like nothing any MMA Fight Gear has out there!"  It's always a pleasure to really pay attention to my clients, listen to what their passions are and create a visual that blows their minds.  When I first showed him the first draft, utilizing Bruce Lee and all the core disciplines of Ben's Jeet Kune Do, as well of his love and respect for Imperial Dragons and the way of the Samurai, his reaction was priceless...."HOLY SHIT!"

There's more to come where that one spawned from.

Saturday, April 2, 2016


A few days prior to this weekend I received a message from a Talented Local Artist that an Organization needed a few Artists to Live Paint at this annual Seafood Fest.  Like always, I made it happen.  I was completely in the dark about the expectation and subject-matter requirements.  Nearly 20 min before the Live Painting was to begin, the promoter decided to turn this gig into a Street Art-Graf competition!  I am in no way a Street Artist and definitely not a Graf Artist, so this was definitely out of my comfort zone.  They told me it was also 100% spray paint and we had under 3 hours to complete a decent-sized mural for the Dania Beach Skate park ramp.....oh boy, lol!  I've never really used spray paint before, so I knew I was about to learn a little about my capabilities and how well I adapt to discomfort.  I grew up in the Dania Beach area, and wanted to customize a commemoration piece for the Sea Turtle Sanctuary.  So, I sprayed this Sea Turtle Aquatic Design in under an hour.  During the whole process there were spectators and festival crowds voting on their favorite piece.  To my surprise, I won the entire competition and even received a generous ca$h award!  Are you kidding me?  Truly blessed.  Since then, I've been experimenting with spray paint more and more, and been getting pretty decent.  It's a very different medium than airguns, so it's quite challenging.  My respect for the Graf and Street Art crews increased for sure...they are insanely talented!