Wednesday, January 4, 2017


My bud Rudy Mage always comes through, and provided a blank canvas for me to make a statement.....I wanted to do something from my personal archives.  I am truly a very sarcastic and extremely real person, and this is my Rage Against the Scene....that's Miami's Art Scene to be precise.  Over the past few years, it's been just plain f*%@ing annoying how unprofessional, dishonest and amateur the majority of these (Curators) have conducted themselves and their constant attempt to exploit the Artists, or shall I say "Visual Imaginists" and "Cultural Pioneers".  Sure, you can try that shit on a 15 year old idiot, but not someone who has dedicated 30+ years and counting, to hone their craft, perfect their vision and their add'l voice!!  Sure, there are the wanna-be's and the plaigerizers and then there's the ones that sweat, bleed and live for their craft.  It's what they marinade  on from the time they wake up till the time the go to sleep....then the unconscious endeavors begin.  All REAL Artists want is to make enough to sustain a basic quality of life, so they can keep creating and growing....while investing in the Dreams for their children and family.  This will be completed soon, but the struggle will last a bit longer until Miami wakes the hell up!


This insane collaboration between L.A.'s Chorboogie and Miami's own Trek 6 was one of the highlights of Art Basel 2016!  The tree I was painting is directly parallel to this memorial piece about Loss and where our Spirits go.  Trek and I go way back and he knows I'm pretty skilled with woodwork.  In requesting he borrow some tools from me, I figured I'd just help him fabricate the 2 wings for each hummingbird.  A hot Miami day, heavy lifting, saw dust flying and within a few hours....Trek was ready to extend these wings to the heavens.  Just a tiny accent to this already breathe-taking piece!  Anytime my friends, anytime.


I received an invite to Live Paint for a Cahrity Event.  These 4' x 4' wood panels will be auctioned off and 50% proceeds will go towards Art Education for Children.  Of course I'll do that!!  I was set up with the Live Band jamming behind me and (as always) just let the music blow and the colors flow.  After a few hours and blending, this abstract piece is exactly what the mood provided.  There were several Artists throughout the next few months that will paint their panel, and the reveal Event kicks off this January 2017 for Oscar Meyer, and an amazing Luxury Property on the Water.  Can't wait to exhibit and attend!


During Art Basel 2016, while painting my "Breathe" tree I receive a last minute call from the talented Jas 9 that an Artist pulled out of a Live Painting Sneaker Event at Simon's Sportswear in Midtown, and she needed someone to fill in.  As always, I support my fellow Artists, so I switched my schedule around and made it happen.  I had no idea what I was in store for and hoped I was prepared for what the PR Coordinator needed.  Upon arrival, I was given 2 pairs of Nike Airforce 1's in a box and was told "Make it have a few hours".  With nothing but a freestyle mentality prepared....DJ blasting Hip-Hop.....this is what I was feeling.

This dead tree was very close to being cut down and discarded, due to insects killing this tree ages ago.  Because wood is my favorite medium to paint on, I asked Mana Contemporary if they would delay discarding the dead tree. They obliged and allowed me to enhance it's beauty by giving it one last voice, before it eventually crumbled and withered away.  I began by removing all the old bark, as high as I could get.  Then I carefully sanded all the paintable surface for a smooth texture.  I then began airbrushing green product primer and paint throughout the tree.  Once I had my background the way I wanted, I began hand-painting a new life of abstract vegetation throughout.  This is titled "Breathe" for the gift each tree on this planet provides "US" a chance to do.  This monument is dedicated to the Sioux Tribe fighting for their land against the Dakota Pipelines, because all they've ever wanted to do was allow their land to naturally "Breathe" without the Bullies of Gov't and the Ideologies of Man.

Painted this in collaboration with France's Infinytoon US Branch.  I wanted to break out of the Art Deco box and create a bio-mechanical type of bulldog, that really symbolizes the tough-like persona that people love this breed for.  Utilizing airbrush and hand-painting techniques, this began in my studio.  Then I painted this Live at the Miami Home Show and received an honorable response!  By far, one of the most unique pieces Infinytoon has in their portfolio.


This is Swarm Agency's Shipping container.  They had Miami's local band "The Problem Kid's" performing as I painted with aerosol for a few hours.  This is an image from my "Heard" series with an inscription from one of my fav band, the one and only "TOOL".  The inscription is:  "Doomed to crumble unless we grow & strengthen our communication".